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Plants have been on the planet long before humans and with this strong connection to the beautiful scents and powerful properties of nature's gift, we create natural ways to effect body, mind and soul.

The scents of essential oils evoke more than 300 genes responsible for our Sense of Smell - the olfactory system. These aroma molecules release memories and emotions trigger certain reactions in our physiology.

Located in Johannesburg we have been creating aromatic scents and therapeutic blends for the beauty, health and spa & wellness industry for the last 20 years, Now we have established an office and laboratory in Germany too.

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Signature Scent

It is my passion to create individual "tailor made" signature blends to bring YOUR MASTERPIECE from a dream to reality. Nothing is off the shelf - all formulations are created with the highest intent and integrity and are one of a kind.

Let's dive into the Sacred Scents and Secrets of Essential Oils

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Unique Product Development

Essential Oils - as well as nourishing plant oils (especially the indigenous oils from Africa) - will enhance a large spectrum of products:

body products from top (hair oil) to toes (foot gel) - room fragrances - massage oils - aromatherapy products - therapeutic applications - candles - diffuser oils - insect repellents

You share your vision of your "dream"product and we will formulate your  unique "escential" signature


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